Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a card or app on your phone where if you buy so much you get points or something free. For example, buy 5 coffees and your 6th one is free.

Loyalty cards are a great way to save some money, as long as you are already happy spending that money. If your spending more to get the rewards, (unless your bulk buying non perishable goods like washing powder, or 2020’s favourite buy, toilet paper), then your spending more than your saving.

So many shops these days have loyalty cards these days, I’m not going to list them here. Buy keep an eye out at the store, check their website, or ask at the counter. Some have different point options, like Coles with their Flybuys, you can just keep saving up your points and use them when you wan’t to. Woolworths use to just take $10 off your shop when you hit the number of points, this looks like it’s changed, where now i gives you the option to defer it to later, or you can change it so they points can’t be accessed until closer to Christmas, ready for your big Christmas shops (you need to logon to the website to change that). 

One thing to look out for if you have something like Flybuys or Credit card points and they offer you a catalogue of things you can “buy” with your points, or you can get money off your shop or shopping vouchers. A lot of the time, the catalogue items are quite expensive, and/or have dropped in price in the real world since the catalogue was set up. Do some quick maths, and a quick google search on the item you want. Find where it is the cheapest, then get vouchers for that store with your points (or if they don’t do vouchers for that store, get grocery vouchers and use those for groceries and the money you saved on your groceries for your item).

If your wallet/purse is getting fat from all the loyalty cards you have, try seeing if they have an app for your phone (like Coles, Woolworths, McDonalds, some coffee places etc) or you can use an app like Stocard that keeps lots of them in the one place on your phone (and if you want they can pop up when your at the store and notify you, so you don’t forgot to use your card).