Special Offers

Here at Dave The Discount Dad, you can access some great special offers. Some are straight discounts, others are sign up bonuses, but all will either save you money, or put a little money in your pocket.  

Spriggy (under 18 pre paid debit Visa card)

Sign up for a Spriggy card using my referral link and we each get $5. Happy dance.

As we are using less and less physical cash these days (which only decreased more with the pandemic), we were looking at getting our daughter an Eftpos card or a prepaid Visa/Mastercard so that she can always have money on her. As a bonus, when she’s invited to the movies etc at short notice, we don’t have to run around the house trying to find cash, or jump in the car and go to an ATM or shop and get cash out, she can just use her card. 

It’s $30 a year, but you get a 30 day free trial which starts AFTER you get your card. If you have an older child, then a bank eftpos card might be better/cheaper but most only give out cards to 14-16 plus year olds. But for your $30 a year, you get the card, a child and a parent app and lots of features. There are no transfer fees like some other cards. When your child spends money on the card, the parents get an alert saying how much and where they spent the money. You can put money in different sections, so kids can put say half of their christmas money in a section to save for something later. If you link it with a parent debit card, you can transfer money into their card in minutes. Has your child misplaced their card. You can lock it in the parent app and then if they find it, you can unlock it. Easy. 

All up, it’s been pretty good and highly recommended.  

Electricity (Powershop)

Sign up for Powershop and get a $75 credit for your electricity (paid at $25 a month for 3 months). We get a credit as well. $75 is the normal referral rate. I’ve seen it up to $100 though. Not too shabby.

We currently use Powershop for our electricity supplier. You can choose Powershop if you are in New South Wales, South East Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. There are no contracts, it’s just month to month. Upload a bill to their site to see if it’s cheaper to move across. They read the meter every 3 months like all suppliers, but charge you per month based on your estimated usage. You can add your own meter readings in, daily, weekly, whenever you want and the app and website will adjust your upcoming bill accordingly.That’s a great way to keep an eye on your electricity usage so you don’t get hit with a massive bill. 

To get the most out Powershop and save the most you can “prepay” electricity, in blocks of $$ or they will send you a bill monthly and give you 3-4 days to buy more prepaid electricity if your short at a discount. If you leave the bill, it will automatically be charged to your payment method, but without the prepaid. Currently by prepaying, we are saving around $16 a month. Not earth shattering, but every dollar counts.