Coupon and discount sites/apps

Coupons and discounts come in many forms. From those printed on the back of a grocery store docket, to a websites and phone apps dedicated to coupons and discounts, for lots of things, there is no excuse paying full retail price for items. Using discounts and coupons online or in an app is easy, but don’t feel bad about using one in a physical store. If using coupons and discounts in store makes you think everyone there is watching you and thinks that you are cheap/poor/penny pinching etc, think of it a different way. You are paying the correct price for your items, they are stupid ones paying too much. Feel better? Yes. Be the Coupon King or Queen.  

Where to find those coupons and discounts

1. Honey

Honey is a website and phone/tablet app. It’s free. Honey collects all of the discount codes for all of the stores it services. Once you go to a checkout online, use Honey and it will try all it’s discount codes. If one or more works it uses the biggest discount and hey presto. 
2. Groupon

Groupon is a website and phone/tablet app. It’s free to join. Business put offers on Groupon and you can search for what you’re looking for. Sometimes they might be modified, so for example a restaurant might put on a set menu for $75 a head on Groupon, where they normally don’t do set menus. There are plenty of genuine discounts to be had. Just check the fine print and make sure you use the Groupon before it expires. 

3. OzBargain 

This is an amazing site. It has deals, coupons, vouchers, discount codes. You can sign up for a daily email with discounts that match your interests. It has a great community that are quick on the mark to post new specials.