Best price search

Especially when you are looking for higher priced items, you want the best price you can find. Use these sites to search on the item you’re looking for and compare the shops that have them. Finding a can of corn that’s 10% cheaper than other shop is great, but your only saving around 10c. When your talking about larger purchases, even 5% off saves you lots of money. Something like a $500 game console, then becomes $475, keeping $25 in your pocket. So have a look at some of these best price search sites and see if you can grab yourself a discount. Plus, you can always combine some offers. So look if they do one of the cash back programs or any other coupon can be applied. 

Seach sites/apps

1. Static Ice

2. Get Price

3. Shopbot

4. OzBargain – This is a list of other price comparison sites

5. Google

6. Honey