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New section on the website : Offers

So just a quick post to announce that I have added a new section to the website: Offers.

In offers I will be listing offers that you can take advantage of that will either save you money or make you some money. I’ve just put up 2 offers with more to come.

First offer is for Spriggy. It’s a parent managed prepaid debit Visa card. Sign up with my link and we each get $5 added to our accounts. Nice.

We wanted to get our 11 year old daughter to either have an Eftpos card or a prepaid debit card. This was for a couple of reasons.
1. We don’t normally carry much cash on us. (even more so with the pandemic). So if one of her friends parents were going to take her and some friends to say the movies, we would have to scramble around the house looking for cash or go for a drive to find an ATM.
2. She could always have some money on her for emergencies.
3. If she was at something like dancing and we dropped her off, but she hadn’t taken a drink, she could duck to the shop and buy one.

Spriggy is $30 a year, but they give you a 30 day free trial from the time that you get the card to see if it’s right for you. You could go with an eftpos card if your child is old enough for it, but Spriggy gives you some advantages.
1. You can monitor what they spend. You get alerts to the parent app on your phone when they spend money, showing you where and how much they spent.
2. You can lock and unlock the card if they can’t find it through the parent app.
3. You can set it up so that they earn pocket money if they do chores and has a section to put some money away for savings from their spending money.
4. Transfers are really quick and you are not charged a transfer fee. Link a parent debit card and it transfers within minutes (bank account transfer takes a bit longer). You can also put money into a parent wallet that the child cannot see. So you can transfer from that instantly.

We love it, it’s been good for our use case.

The second offer I’ve put up is for the electricity supplier Powershop. Sign up with my link and get $75 credit on your power bill ($25 a month for 3 months) and I’ll will get a credit too.

We have been using them for our electricity at home for a couple of years now and find them really good and well priced. Upload your bill to their website and see if it’s worthwhile changing

Some things we like about Powershop:
1. They charge monthly not quarterly. So no big 3 monthly shock bills
2. It has a great app and website.
3. You can enter your own meter readings into the app/website. All suppliers that read manually only do it once every 3 months. So if your all at home more (like with remote schooling, working at home with the pandemic), suddenly you are going to be using more electricity. By entering your own readings, Powershop will adjust your bill up or down depending on the readings. So you can keep an eye on your electricity spending and not end up with a shock bill 3 months down the track.
4. Discounts. Powershop allow you to buy blocks of power, ie prepay. They give you a discount for this. So for example, if you get paid weekly, you could purchase approx 1 weeks supply of electricity when you get paid and then when the monthly bill comes in, you might be a little a head, or just need to purchase a little more.
5. Discounted bill. When they send you the bill, you still have a few days where you can buy discounted prepaid electricity for a discount. If you don’t, then it will just charge your payment method the non discounted amount on the due date.

So to pay the least amount can take a little more work, but it can be worth it.

I’ll be adding more offers all the time, so stay tuned



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